Thursday, June 20, 2013

BigWig’s Q&A: We’re Off to Find the Wigwatts!

Hello, Earth Agents!


I’m back this week with
another BigWig’s Q&A...

That’s when you ask me a
Question, blog readers...

... and then I give
you the Answer!


This Week’s Question:

Why are the Woogi celebrities
going away for a little bit?


BigWig’s Answer:

The Woogi celebrities have decided to
organize an expedition to search for
the missing Mr. Wigwatts.

Here’s why...


Mr. Wigwatts Mysteriously Vanishes!

missingwigwattsBack in February, Mr. Wigwatts who owns and runs the
Woogi Vault, went missing under mysterious circumstances.


wigwatts_deskMany Woogies thought that he was simply enjoying
some alone time with his huge pile of watts...


UFOCrash...or perhaps even trying to escape the planet, which led
to this year’s terrible Valentine Factory disaster!


wigwattsexpeditionBut it’s been far too long since anyone has seen Mr. Wigwatts
and the Woogi celebrities were starting to think that he could
be in serious trouble, so they organized an expedition to find him.


2011-EntranceIt was a hard decision for them to make, but helping a friend is
more important than having fun. Unfortunately, it means that
this year’s Summer Splash is postponed until they get back.


blogbuttonI’ve also decided to go with them. Now don’t worry about Woogi
World. It’s in very capable hands while I’m away, but it does
mean that this is my last BigWig’s Blog post until I return.


We all hope to be back real soon!

commentsbuttonWhile we’re gone, it’d be so nice of you to please
write us a blog comment with your well wishes!


Well, Earth Agents...


- Do you hope to see the Woogi celebrities again soon?

- Where do you think Mr. Wigwatts could be after all this time?

- Would you like to share well wishes with the Woogi celebrities?


Write a blog Comment and let’s chat about the Wigwatts Expedition!


Until next time, Earth Agents!